歌詞:[Alexandros] – Underconstruction


歌詞:[Alexandros] – Underconstruction

Am I still standing still?
Friends that I don’t know

Bored by
Days of boiling eggs
But I guess
I belong in here

Before I die
I don’t wanna die
I still believein me
No matterhowhard they trytoabuse

Am I still standing tall?
Among friends they love backbite

Once somebody asked me
“Can I commit a suicide?”
Well goon
If you think you’re right

Before it’s too late
I’d like you to state
This life existed
The man was fighting against the world

Coz I know
that life is gonna endone day and
I’msosure mine will be too
But I will never ever gonna stop it by myself

Why don’t you take one book from the shelf?
And you’re gonna find one question they ask
“What is this [Music] to you?”
I try to beck cool and seek for the smart one
I always come back to the same conclusion
Idon’t have a clue but that’s why itls so fun

Coz I know
This heart beat is gonna stop
And I I’m sure the time is ticking out
But I will never ever gonna stop singing on

They try to take yourlife and breath away and
They try to steal your pride and soul and dream
But just stand still, and tall, and just be proud of yourself

Before I die
Before It’s too late
I’ll do whatever I like
I’m gonna be what I wish to be

Come laugh at me now
Antagonize me now
I receive it,accept it,digest in nly head
But my firenever fades
Until the day I become
What I had designed tobe

Before I die
Fmnotgonna die
Hello am I still standing tall?
You know
I don’t need to answer that